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This service is just as it sounds . . . it is a portable, potable water source or as we have aptly named it a "Well-on-Wheels"!

Invented and built by owner, Dave Lobdell, this machine was designed for many uses.  It provides users with a large water supply that is self-powered, meaning it can be used virtually anywhere.  The water reserve is protected from the elements in an enclosed structure.  With a 1,100 gallon fresh-water capacity, it's no short supply of "high quality H2O"!

Some of the many uses include:

- Household use (during power outages or well repairs)
- Commercial use (power outages or public waterline breaks/bans/advisories)
- Catering/Special events (including carnival/fair/festival vendors)
- Supply for our portable shower units
- Fill-ups for camper/RV freshwater holding tanks
- Construction sites
- Supply for restroom or shower trailers
- Portable supply for pressure washing
- Water lawns or gardens
- Supply for camp-outs, large picnics or country weddings

Feel free to call us for any specific need not listed here!

Don't just take our word for it . . .

A recent renter whose well had temporarily run dry affirmed:
"Thank God for the 'Well-on-Wheels', now I don't need to move into a hotel!"